Personal Privacy Controller

4 Privacy tools all connected through your phone

90 days Free trial
Passwordless Password Manager
Passwordless, Three Encrypted Digital Safe for your computers
Free for one year with Loop8 app ($120 value)
Stops companies from tracking you, kills cookies
Free with Loop8 app
90 days Free trial
Active Dark web Monitoring and Alerts

Tired of Remembering Passwords?

Introducing Loop8 – your Personal Privacy Controller, a first of its kind game changer in digital security we proudly term ‘Simplicity by Design’. Loop8 is a revolutionary passwordless system designed for maximum security and user simplicity.

How Does Personal Privacy Controller Work

Let’s explore how our Personal Privacy Controller reshapes your digital experience.


Discover Clean-Slate, an integral extension feature reshaping your online privacy.

Tailored to meet users’ privacy needs by removing tracking cookies, Clean-Slate prevents websites from tracking online activities. While browsing history typically remains until manually deleted, the Clean-Slate privacy controller app automatically clears it in Chrome (excluding Safari) every 8 hours. Clean-Slate is compatible with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers, ensuring comprehensive privacy protection.

Moreover, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 most commonly visited websites, including Amazon, Google, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, Netflix, and Instagram, to enhance user experience. By whitelisting these sites, users can enjoy seamless browsing without needing to log in repeatedly. Additionally, Clean-Slate allows users to add frequently visited sites to their whitelist for personalized privacy settings.

The Clean-Slate feature requires activation and can be easily turned on and off as needed.

MySafe: Elevating Digital Privacy
MySafe: Elevating Digital Privacy

Meet MySafe – Loop8’s encrypted digital safe, available on macOS and Windows. Unlike traditional password managers, MySafe securely stores sensitive digital assets, including documents, images, and crypto-wallets. Enjoy encrypted backup options to your personal Google Drive, providing both safety and accessibility. With up to three installations across different computers, you can manage your digital fortresses effortlessly through the Mobile Loop8 password management app.

Simplify Your Password Sharing Experience

Say goodbye to password-sharing hassles. Loop8 transforms the experience, offering a secure and straightforward method for sharing access. Our user-friendly system ensures simplicity without compromising security, making password sharing a seamless and stress-free part of your digital routine.



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