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Maximize your privacy with Clean-Slate, the innovative browser history cleaner offered by Loop8. Designed to effortlessly reset your online footprint, Clean-Slate ensures your browsing history remains confidential. Whether clearing cookies, histories, or local storage, this feature allows you to maintain a pristine digital trail, enhancing your privacy and security online.

Try Clean-SL8 - Browser History Cleaner
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Clean-Slate is included in the Loop8 extension
Try Clean-SL8 - Browser History Cleaner
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Exploring Clean-SL8: Clearing Your Path to Privacy

Discover Clean-Slate, the Loop8 extension that enhances your privacy journey. Clean-Slate is your search history cleaner, wiping away cookies, histories, and local storage.

It operates seamlessly with several triggers such as ‘Clean on
close’ and ‘Clean on navigate’, which removes browsing data when transitioning between
specific sites like Netflix and Amazon.

Additionally, the ‘Clean if inactive X hours’ trigger automatically
clears data from tabs left inactive for a set period.

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Empowering Privacy: What Does Clean-SL8 Do?

Clean-Slate, a core component of the Loop8 extension, is a comprehensive privacy tool. Its primary function is to systematically clear various forms of digital data. Clean-Slate ensures that users can navigate the web with peace of mind, confident that their online activities remain confidential and their personal information protected. While available on almost all browsers, with an exception of Safari, this feature can be disabled by default. Additionally, the top 10 websites are whitelisted by default, ensuring seamless browsing.

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Enhancing Privacy in Data Management with Clean-SL8

Explore the advanced privacy features of Clean-Slate within Loop8. This cutting-edge history cleaner elevates data management, providing powerful solutions to protect your digital footprint. With precise clearing of your activities and personal information, Clean-Slate ensures your online presence remains confidential, enhancing your privacy and security across the digital landscape.

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