Automatic Dark Web Monitoring

Introducing Privacy-Mate (Privacy-M8), your ultimate dark web monitoring software!

Privacy-Mate constantly monitors the dark web for threats, ensuring your online security. If your passwords or personal information are at risk, you’ll receive real-time notifications to change your passwords and secure your accounts instantly. Don’t let cyber threats catch you off guard. Stay safe and in control with Privacy-Mate!

Try FREE for 90 Days
*Privacy-Mate is FREE with Loop8
Try FREE for 90 Days
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How Does Privacy-Mate Work?

Privacy-Mate scans the dark web for any of your stolen passwords. If a compromised login is detected, Loop8 alerts you to change your password while you’re on the affected website. Unlike other services that merely report stolen information, Privacy-Mate provides on-site alerts, enabling you to fix issues instantly.

Simply install the app and computer extension, and watch Privacy-Mate become a part of the Loop8 privacy controller, all for free.

Experience the Dark Web Monitoring Software with Privacy-M8

Take advantage of Privacy-Mate’s 90-day free trial!

During this period, you can detect and fix any compromised logins to ensure your data remains secure. Protect your information effortlessly with Privacy-Mate, your trusted dark web monitoring tool. Start your free trial now and experience peace of mind with high-quality online security.

Try FREE for 90 Days
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