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Loop8 is a first of its kind Personal Privacy Controller, setting new standards in digital security. It operates as a passwordless system, prioritizing both high security and user simplicity with its 'Simplicity by Design' philosophy. Unlike traditional systems, Loop8's registration process respects user privacy by only requesting a phone number and email address, avoiding the collection of sensitive personal information such as name, address, age, or race. Additionally, Loop8 securely stores passwords in the user's Google Drive, ensuring data remains in their control.

Yes, Loop8 is safe and secure. Access to your data is protected by FaceID or TouchID, ensuring that only you can access the system with your permission. This additional layer of authentication enhances the security of your personal information, providing peace of mind that your data remains protected from unauthorized access.

Loop8 is designed to cater to various operating systems and devices, ensuring widespread accessibility and convenience for users. Available as a mobile app, Loop8 supports both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, the Loop8 browser extension extends its functionality to Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox browsers. Moreover, users can enjoy the enhanced security features of MySafe, a component of Loop8, on both Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Upon registration, users are granted a complimentary three-month free trial period for all plans. Following this trial, users have the flexibility to subscribe to individual or family plans at any time. Additionally, users are free to cancel their subscription whenever they choose, providing complete control over their Loop8 membership.

Loop8 provides users with two subscription options: Individual and Family plans. The Family plan accommodates the primary account holder plus up to seven additional members, offering comprehensive coverage for larger households. Whether opting for individual or family coverage, Loop8 ensures that users have access to personalized privacy solutions tailored to their needs.

Loop8 operates with a strict policy of not collecting any personal data from its users.

No, Loop8's Personal Privacy Controller app can only be used on a single device at a time. If a user logs into the app on another device, the previous session will be automatically logged out. This ensures that users have exclusive access to their account and data security is maintained across devices.

While Loop8 operates primarily when connected to the internet, it does offer limited functionality offline. Users can access saved logins and certain features even without an internet connection. However, to fully utilize Loop8's capabilities and access all features, an internet connection is required.

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