Защитите Вашу цифровую конфиденциальность

MySAFE - это Ваш щит от цифровых угроз. Доступный как для macOS, так и для Windows, этот контроллер личной конфиденциальности обеспечивает Вашу безопасность в Интернете без ущерба для простоты использования. MySAFE защищает Ваши конфиденциальные данные, предлагая варианты зашифрованного резервного копирования на Ваш личный Google Drive. Испытайте новую эру цифровой защиты, когда Ваша информация всегда остается Вашей.

MySafe is free for one year for loop8 users ($120 value)
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Secure and Encrypted Storage for All Your Files and Documents

MySafe provides secure and encrypted storage or all the files and documents on your device, ensuring protection against digital threats. Compatible with macOS and Windows, it provides encrypted backup options to your personal Google Drive, keeping your information safe and accessible. Take control of your digital permissions and experience effective management of your online space.

MySafe is free for one year for loop8 users ($120 value)

What Are the Key Benefits of Encrypted Cloud Storage?

Discover the advantages of MySafe – your trusted encrypted cloud storage.

Advanced Security

MySafe offers advanced security features, protecting your digital assets from emerging threats. Rest assured with our robust encryption protocols and proactive security measures, guaranteeing the safety of your sensitive data at all times.

Automatic Backup Option

Experience the convenience of automatic backups with MySafe, which ensures your data is regularly and securely stored without the hassle of manual intervention. With seamless integration, enjoy peace of mind knowing your sensitive information is always backed up and protected.

Convenient Remote Access

Experience convenient remote access with MySafe, enabling secure retrieval of your data from anywhere, anytime. Whether you're on the move or working remotely, access your sensitive information effortlessly, ensuring productivity while prioritizing security.

Select Secure and Encrypted Storage Designed for Maximum Privacy

Choose MySafe for secure and encrypted storage, designed to prioritize maximum privacy for your sensitive data.

Protect Your Data from Hacks With Encrypted Storage Solutions

The encrypted storage solutions by MySafe offer unparalleled protection against hacks, ensuring your data remains secure from unauthorized access. With encrypted backups to your device and personal Google Drive, you can safeguard your digital assets confidently, knowing your sensitive information is fully protected.

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Secure and Encrypted Storage Solutions from MySafe

Keep your sensitive information safe and easily accessible whenever you need it with MySafe.

Share Your Documents and Files Securely from Your Encrypted Cloud

With MySafe you can take full charge of your digital permissions. Adjust access rights to match your preferences, making sure only necessary data is shared. Whether you're collaborating with colleagues or sharing with friends and family, MySafe ensures your data remains protected. With encryption and seamless integration with Google Drive, you can confidently share sensitive information without compromising security on both macOS and Windows platforms.

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Why Choose MySafe?

The benefits of choosing MySafe for your data security needs are evident. With advanced, world class encryption technology, MySafe ensures your sensitive information is safeguarded against unauthorized access. Our encrypted storage solutions allow you to manage your digital privacy effectively, ensuring that all access and changes require your approval, even when you're away from your computer. Personalize your privacy protection according to your needs and access your information from any device, anywhere in the world, with MySafe.

Secure File Storage for Your Sensitive And Important Documents

Rest assured that your sensitive information and important documents are secure with MySafe. Our encrypted cloud backup tool guarantees confidentiality and reliability in storing your most valuable information. Whether for personal use or collaboration, accessing and managing your files is safe and easy. Rely on MySafe and enjoy your digital privacy to the fullest.

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