Safeguard Your Digital Privacy

MySafe is your shield against digital threats. Available on both macOS and Windows, this Personal Privacy Controller ensures your online security without compromising user simplicity. MySafe secures your sensitive data with encrypted backup options to your personal Google Drive. Experience a new era of digital protection where your information stays with you, always.

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Full Control of Security at Your Fingertips

You can take full charge of your digital permissions with MySafe. Adjust access rights to match your preferences, making sure only necessary data is shared. With this tool, managing your online space is effective and in your total control.

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Clean Slate
You Are in Control: Your Data, Your Privacy

Embark on a digital journey where your control is paramount. Loop8 places you firmly in control – your data, your privacy, your terms. Navigate with confidence as we prioritize your preferences, ensuring a secure, personalized online experience tailored to your unique comfort and peace of mind.

Have a Safe Online Experience

Our privacy controller app ensures that you have the ideal level of protection for your digital journey.

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